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Company Name: Cypress Lake Home Solutions

Categories: Real Estate Agents

About Cypress Lake Home Solutions

Work Experience: Less than a year
Languages Spoken: English
Service Area: Houston, Texas
Specialities: Buyer's Agent, First Time Home Buyers, Seller's Agent
Cypress Lake Home Solutions is a real estate solution company who buy houses in Houston for resale and investment purposes. People sell their houses for lots of reasons: going through divorce, foreclosure, relocation, inherited property, vacant house while not wanting to deal with tenants, major damages that cost a lot to repair, simply unwanted property, and others you can think of. In most of those situations, listing your house with real estate agent is just not a feasible option considering the works needed to be done just the get the house ready for sale, the time it takes for the whole process, fees, paperwork, etc.
We help homeowners to sell their house fast, particularly in Houston and surrounding areas. The main difference between us and real estate agents is that we are your final home buyer. We buy houses as-is for fair cash offer, therefore saving you considerable time and money. Visit us at to learn more about our company, read testimonials, or even submit your property info and receive cash offer within 24 hours.


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