Keith Vanzant

Company Name: Keller Williams

Categories: Real Estate Agents

About Keith Vanzant

Kazadu Rating
Work Experience: Less than a year
Languages Spoken: English
Service Area: Austin, Texas
Specialities: Buyer's Agent


D. Martinez - 15 March, 2014

Keith, I just wanted to thank you sooooo much for helping make buying my first home possible. I could not have done this without all your help! You're the BEST! Thank you so much!

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T. Ingram - 15 March, 2014

Keith Vanzant was a great help during our home buying journey. He excelled at the things you need from a real estate agent from knowledge of the paperwork to friendly service and shrewd negotiation. In addition he showed the ability to think outside the box to seek out properties we never would have found. He also helped us out beyond the closing date showing he cares about his clients even after the deal is done. I recommend Keith for all you real estate needs.

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