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Kazadu is your free online resource for qualified real estate professionals. You won't find doctors, mechanics or yoga instructors on Kazadu. The only service providers you will find on Kazadu are those directly involved in the real estate. This focus allows us to offer specialized options and a more relevant experience than professional review websites with broad-based service offerings.
We connect buyers, sellers and homeowners with TOP rated real estate agents. With authentic ratings, reviews and testimonials, we are much more than a directory.  

Reviews and testimonials about the provider offer consumers valuable, genuine insight that mere listings don't offer. Kazadu doesn't charge for this service, ensuring that ratings and reviews are earned, not purchased.

Kazadu is committed to the promotion of accuracy, authenticity, quality and professionalism in business relationships between consumers and home service providers.

Kazadu doesn't charge for listings on our site and we don't charge consumers to search our site. There is no financial incentive to give anyone a higher rating or a better review. Information, ratings and reviews are based on actual experiences between consumers and providers.

Kazadu members find what they need quickly and easily. Filter your searches on the basis of a variety of categories including zip code, service category, provider certifications, experience and our valuable reviews and testimonials.
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